About Us

Let us love your fur babies like they’re our own!

Cats Play While You’re Away is a full-service feline only boarding and spa facility where cats are  cared for safely and comfortably, exactly as their humans wish, in a protected, low stress environment. Fear Free technology has been used in choosing the wall color.  We understand cats and cater to what they need: Space to climb, high places to feel safe and survey their environment, and a variety of engaging interactive experiences. Cats Play While You’re Away is a climate controlled, secure facility where the cats are boss!

Cats Play While You’re Away offers 25 individual private apartments that offer exactly what cats desire: Cuddle space, climbing opportunities (or ramps for traveling) high perches for surveying, and caves or balls to be stealthy. Cats Play While You’re Away is a new approach to boarding where the needs of pets are the priority. The Avian Room features a 30’ long aviary where finches live, completely safe and comfortable. Each of the 13 apartments in the Avian Room has a view of the aviary. Room with a View has 12 apartments, half with a view of windows to watch bird feeders and shrubs outside and half for kitties that prefer less interaction.

Each apartment is approximately 4’x7’ with a scratching post, climbing shelves and perches, cat ball, bed, catnip toy, as well as a private litter box and food and water. Cat grass and fresh cat nip are available.

Grooming and spa facilities will be coming soon. No other animal scent to intimidate, no dogs to create distress. From luxurious boarding and extensive grooming to a nail trim, Cats Play While You’re Away offers the solution to your needs.